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Masonic Philatelic Club

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MPC Magazine application



Please send your request by Emailing masonicphilatelicclub@yahoo.co.uk

giving the following information:

Full name and address

Telephone and Email

Lodge No & Name if you are a Freemason.

Please indicate how you wish to pay the annual subscription.
Standing order, cheque, PayPal or please give details if any other method is preferred.

An application form will be sent to you on receipt of this information.

Initial application for membership is
UK £10. Europe & the rest of the world £15. UKS
regardless of the time of year the application is made.

The Magazine is issued in the Jan, April, July and October of each year and subscription will thereafter be UK £10. Europe & the rest of the world £15. UKS  per year payable on Oct 1st of each year unless otherwise notified.